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Entries for the 2018 ride will open in early January 2018


Please read the terms and conditions below before entering.

Conditions of Entry

Entry fee

£20 per rider, not refundable under any circumstances, even in the unlikely event of cancellation.

After the entry fee has been paid each rider will be sent a sponsor form bearing their number and starting time. Each rider must also raise at least £35 in sponsorship monies.


Each rider must either sponsor themselves or find sponsors (the number of sponsors is not limited) to a minimum of £35.

Before riding the sponsor form and all sponsorship monies must be handed to an Official in the Secretary’s office who will issue a scorecard.

Sponsorship monies can be paid in cash or by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Vale of Aylesbury Sponsored Ride.

The rider’s sponsor form will be returned after payment has been made.
Riders unable to pay the full sponsored amount will not be given a scorecard, and riders not possessing a scorecard will not be allowed to ride the course.

Payment of all sponsorship monies before riding is a condition of entry.

The Course

Every rider is advised to inspect the course and fences thoroughly and satisfy themselves that the fences are safe and secure and notify any defects to the committee immediately. The course will be open for inspection from 10am until 2pm on Saturday 17th March, and takes approximately two hours to walk:
please arrive before midday if you intend to walk the entire course.

Anyone walking the course will be required to sign in at the office before setting off, and sign out before leaving the airfield in accordance with RAF regulations. Dogs are not allowed on Saturday 17th March.

Flying will be in progress all day so it is vital to keep strictly to the course all the way around the airfield. Under no circumstances will vehicles be allowed on the airfield.

The Rules

If you don’t already have a medical armband, click here to download a temporary medical card to print and fill in. If you use this, please carry it in an outside pocket so you can show it to the starter, and to paramedics if necessary.

Individuals or groups will start at intervals from the collecting ring with the last rider departing by 2pm. Failure to be at the collecting ring at the appointed start time may mean that the rider(s) have to wait until all other riders have gone before starting.

Riders will be responsible for declaring the number of ordinary and bonus fences jumped. Stewards stationed at three checkpoints around the course, plus the finish, will assist riders to fill in their scorecards.

After completing the ride the scorecard must be handed to an Official in the Secretary’s office where rosettes will be awarded as appropriate.

Important notice and conditions

The Committee has organised the ride to benefit certain charities and the Kimblewick Hunt.

Horse-riding over man-made and other obstacles is an inherently dangerous activity and each rider must take all reasonable care and precautions to ensure that they and other riders, spectators, horses or property are not injured or damaged.

The Committee confirm that the course and fences have been inspected. Prior to making the course and fences available for inspection the committee have exercised reasonable care in satisfying themselves that the fences are safe and secure. Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Committee’s negligence, no responsibility is accepted by the Committee for any damage to persons, horses or property howsoever caused which arise from:
Defects in the course or fences not notified to the Committee by the rider before participating.
Defects in the course or fences which manifest themselves after the course and fences are made available for inspection.

During the event it is possible that the fences or course may become less safe and secure. All riders are under a continuing duty to notify the Committee of any damage which they cause to, or notice in, any fence or the course during the event. Any defects are to be notified to the Committee as it is not possible for the Committee to inspect each fence and the course after every rider has completed the course or any part of it.

The Committee accept no liability for any damage caused to persons, horses or property by any defect in the course or fences arising from any of the following: fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence of any rider or others, abnormal weather conditions, failure to follow the Committee’s or any official’s instructions (oral or written).

The decision of the Committee is final at all times

RAF Health and Safety Policy

The points of contact on the day are:

All the above will have the means to call for medical assistance, veterinary assistance, fence/course maintenance or general assistance. In all situations, report the incident to them FIRST or call 07966 377698 (this is the Secretary’s number). Only call 999 as a last resort.